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Serena Williams and Slap Shot 2: A Lesson in “Fairness”

Recently Serena Williams lost in the US Open finals. Up and comer Naomi Osaka beat the greatest tennis player in what should be a possible passing of the torch in women’s tennis. The story, however, is that Serena Williams was penalized a point, and then later a game for arguing with the umpire. Serena Williams has gone on to claim the umpires are sexist and have a double standard compared to male athletes. I agree. And while I’ve seen some flock around the defense of the umpires “following the rules,” I figured I’d use one of the worst movies ever to make a point about that line of thinking in double standard scenarios.

Slap Shot 2: Dear God, Why did they make this?

Slap Shot 2 is the story about a minor league hockey team in financial trouble (like the original Slap Shot). The team finds itself acquired by an eccentric rich man who wants to put on wholesome hockey for his son. As a result, he creates a Harlem Globetrotter-esque scenario where the Chiefs play the role of the Washington Generals.

However, the Chiefs decide they want to play real hockey. After giving up many goals to their rivals in a game, they start playing for real. They end up winning the game proving a minor league team with former NHL players can indeed win a hockey game against another minor league team. Dear god, why did they make this movie?

One essential part about the pivotal game is that the Chiefs are down many goals (I couldn’t find how many and I refuse to pay for this movie) because like professional wrestling they are scripted to look bad and decide to play for real. When this happens, their coach informs the scorekeepers to reset the score 0-0. And this is important. In an already unbelievable movie — one of the subplots is that Stephen Baldwin was kicked out of the NHL for missing a vital shot in the Finals, which lead some to believe he was paid to throw games — Slap Shot 2 felt it important to stress that even playing good hockey, a team down a lot couldn’t come back in a period.

John McEnroe and “Good” Outbursts

Back to tennis! John McEnroe is a Hall of Fame tennis player. He is a nine-time Grand Slam winner, and depending on which list you use, places top 5 to top 10 in career wins in men’s tennis. That said, McEnroe is more well known for his outbursts and tantrums on the tennis courts. And one way we know this is that McEnroe has capitalized on this.

I found a 2017 commercial where McEnroe references one of his famous outbursts (“You cannot be serious!”)

Even Wimbledon’s own site has this clip fondly.

And for what it’s worth, McEnroe himself agrees there is a double standard in regards to the recent Serena debate. So back to the original debate.

Let’s assume you want to side with the argument – Serena Williams broke the rules and was wrong. And the tennis umpires are right, and regardless of what has happened in the past, they were right here. Even one of the worst sports movies ever understands if you give one side a huge lead and then decide to enforce the rules fairly for both sides, it’s still unfair for the team that’s been having goals scored on it. You cannot forget the years of tennis where the same behavior has been excused or awarded to the men, while chastised to the women. Even one of the worst sports movies ever understood this logic. And here’s hoping that tennis can too. Of course, as of this writing, various umpires are debating whether to boycott Serena’s games, so I won’t hold my breath.